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Add an RSS Feed to Gatsby MDX Blog

on January 23, 2020

Google Reader might be dead, but RSS lives through the hearts of some great applications like Feedly , Feedbin and Winds . Adding an RSS Feed has long been a long time bucket list item and I'm happy to have ticked it off. You can now…

Hooks of React Router

on January 18, 2020

React Router 5 embraces the power of hooks and has introduces four different hooks to help with your routing. But before we look at hooks themselves, we have to look at a new pattern that the Route component exposes and how this changes…

Creating a JAMStack Reader App with React & Netlify Functions

on January 04, 2020

I'm in 💖 with the JAMStack , It gets the work done. One of the very exciting companies in this area is Netlify . Anyone who tested their hosting would tell you it's top class and I would recommend it anyday. In this post we will explore…

Promises - JavaScript concepts

on December 10, 2019

This is part of a series where I try to explain through each of 33 JS Concepts . This part corresponds to Promises. Background JavaScript is a single threaded language, which means it can work on only one thing at once. I'm sure this…

Styled Components & TypeScript - 😍

on December 07, 2019

Styled Components happens to be one of my favorite CSS in JS libraries all time and have been part of almost all of my ReactJS projects. As I'm transitioning most of my projects to include TypeScript, there are things I stumbled along…

7 NPM Commands to help you save time.

on December 03, 2019

As JavaScript developers, NPM is something that we always use and we have a script continously running on the terminal. What if we could save some time using it? 1. Open documentation directly from npm What if we could directly jump to the…

A GatsbyJS Advent Blog Posts Theme

on December 01, 2019

The Advent has officially began and it's time for some advent blog posts. I made a GatsbyJS theme to help you get started on the #Trend. Source: Demo:…