Journey as a JavaScript Developer

Posted on April 06, 2019
An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
- The Pragmatic Programmer

Based on

I started my career off as a Python Developer, developing a user interface for a Baby Monitor for a startup with Raspberry Pi. Even though Kivy for Python had it’s merits and looked promising, something with the feedback loop always felt wrong.

I went researching into how other people created User Interfaces and fell in love with two specific ones. The Android Studio Workflow of dragging and dropping UI elements onto the screen was the first. I made an Android application for a competition entry task and loved how it worked. (I won the entry task but not the interview). It was not much after that I saw the user interface for web and I fell head over heels.

HTML and CSS seemed to make it so easy to create interfaces, that I went into website development a month of actively learning the language. First projects were mostly just websites and templates that I copied over. I used some JavaScript fleetingly for form validations and jQuery animations.

This was the time, I came across a client who wanted a desktop billing application for his shop. I knew JavaScript and Python at this time, but was attached to JS more. I researched for transforming a website into a desktop application somehow and came across Electron JS. This was the first time I had to write some amount of JavaScript and has to say I loved how begineer friendly the language was.

This was when Kochi Metro Rail Ltd found it’s way over to create a prototype for their Employee Application. I was already over Android’s UI system and the client wanted an iOS application anyway. I went on research with JavaScript again (you might be able to see a pattern here) and came up with Ionic JS. Remotely working for them and completing the work was a joy as I had my first experience with a JavaScript framework - Angular JS.

An year had passed from my first task for building a startup and I went in again, this time with the experience of building JavaScript applications for clients. This time around we build a website for cars in the entry task and succeeded the interview. We ended up building a visitor management application (mostly something like Envoy). I started a company with friends for this very cause. I went on to Silicon Valley funded by Kerala Government for exposure to the largest companies.

me and others posing for a pic in sv

But then college was over soon, the company had to disband. I went on to work at Dexlock, a service based company with clients all over the world. This was a company just stepping into web development with years of experience on Mobile and Data based development and I could say I’m excited that the company has established itself in the web space too. React, that I picked up at Dexlock has turned out to be the biggest framework of our time. I have over this time worked for customer based clients like Upcomer and Yaytrade and also business focused data visualisaions and dashboards for clients like Katerra and IPA.

Over this time, the brand building was also important to me in the larger picture of things. I love helping others learn to code and hence workshops came into picture for me. I have taken numerous web development workshops and development classes in different colleges and meetups across my hometown. On a larger stage, I’m part of the top 5% answerers on Stackoverflow for JavaScript and React. I also helm some of the personal projects like Electrojet CLI and Logikk - A logical expression visualiser.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I aspire to be an evangelist for the JavaScript and programming in general. I would like to create customer focused accessible websites and applications that can drive growth in the society. I would like to teach and motivate a younger generation to take up programming as a career or hobby and help them pursue their goals.


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